Agricultural crops

Why automate your farm? Be prepared for the future!

According to the World Resources Institute, by 2050, the global population will reach 10 billion people, which means a 50% increase in food needs. The pressure on farmers to increase production is so great that traditional solutions, such as buying farmland, working by hand and raising animals at their own pace, are no longer viable.
Efficient options that pay off in the long term are process automation and automated systems that increase productivity while reducing time spent on plant care.

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Systems for agricultural farms

See how technology can make your work easier!

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Ground sensors
Seeding and reseeding robots
Automatic weed control
Agricultural machinery

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Irrigation and

Irrigation and pumping stations
Crop parameters
Weather stations and water monitoring
Selective fertilisation

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Storage and

Silo monitoring
Heat distribution systems
Extractor fans
Evaporative panels

Save resources and time while increasing productivity!

Precision farming means knowing exactly when to intervene, where and with what amount of resources. Over the next 10 years, based on the Internet of Things, smart farming will focus on automating processes along the entire production flow: from preparing the land for sowing, to harvesting, storing and transporting food to customers.
Our solutions give you live farm data and analysis tools online from any computer, tablet or smart phone connected to the internet. At the same time, we’ll keep your farm connected to the latest technologies and innovations in agriculture.

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