Greenhouse automation

In a modern greenhouse, there are a multitude of processes operating simultaneously and influencing each other. All these processes are interconnected and dependent on the automation in the greenhouse.

Climate Control

In order to enable plants to grow as efficiently as possible, a certain climate must be achieved and maintained at all times. The parameters of light, temperature, air humidity and CO2 concentration need to be balanced in a precise and detailed manner. This also requires constant monitoring.

Programmable controllers

Automation is a technology used to perform work processes or procedures without human assistance. AI Automation implements programmable logic controllers that can handle, for example, the irrigation of plants in a timed system and more.

Electrical installations and sensors

Electrical installations are an important part of automating a greenhouse but they also present risks due to high water and humidity. AI Automation offers premium solutions for greenhouse automation while minimizing risks and streamlining processes in smart greenhouses.

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Greenhouse automation

Climate control
Electrical installations and sensors
Programmable controllers

Heating and

Heat distribution systems
destratification fans
Extractor fans
Evaporative panels

Irrigation and

Water treatment systems
Micro-sprinkler and misting
Fertilization and dosing

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